It is the policy of Page Clearing to make the safety and health of our team the first consideration in operating our business. Prevention of injuries and illness is of such consequence that it will always be given precedence over operating productivity. It is our intent to comply with all laws concerning the operation of this business and the health and safety not only our team but also the public. Our objective is a Safety and Health Program that will reduce the number of injuries and illnesses to not only an absolute minimum but to surpass the best experience of similar operations. Our goal is no accidents or injuries, anything less will not be accepted.

A few key components of our Safety and Health Programs are:

    • ·       Mandatory pre-employment and random drug screenings.
    • ·       Stop Work Authority Program, which allows every employee at every level the right to question unsafe acts, and stop work when a dangerous situation is observed.
    • ·       Injury and Illness Prevention Program, provide our team clear expectations we have in regards to safety.
    • ·       Site Specific Safety Plan, provides specific instructions for our team leaders as to our policies and procedures.
    • ·       Job Safety Analysis (JSA), provide a list of potential hazards associated with doing a specific job and the equipment required. These are developed for every new job and briefed along with our Pre-Job.
    • ·       Pre-Job Briefings, conducted every morning and throughout the day as the task changes.
    • ·       Post-Job Reviews, conducted at the end of each shift to discuss any near misses, lessons learned, or interventions that may need to be passed on to others to prevent similar problems.
    • ·       New employee orientation is required for new team members and a training period is required before being allowed to work unsupervised.
    • ·       All team members receive specific training and certification on equipment they are authorized to operate.
    • ·       All team members receive OSHA 10 hour and HAZCOMM training, CPR/First Aid, and annual refresher training on equipment and procedures.
    • ·       All Supervisors must also complete OSHA 30 hour training and supervisor orientation.
    • ·       Management conducts safety meetings monthly, or more often if needed, to discuss general safety lessons and other company issues. Lessons learned, and near misses are briefed to our team immediately and may require a stand down if deemed necessary by management.
    • ·       We have a 0.96% Workmen Compensation rating as determined by NCCI.

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