Code Of Business Ethics



The employees must keep other employees informed about matters that may affect them. This information must be presented in a manner designed to ensure understanding and awareness.

An employee will answer questions and give support in a timely and effective manner, while openly declaring any limitations of personal knowledge and conflicts of interest.

Media Relations

All inquiries from the media must be directed to senior management. Page Clearing’s confidentiality, privacy, and security policies and those of our customers must be taken into consideration before any information is publically disclosed.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Employees are required to maintain and expand their understanding of the legal and social issues that arise in relation to their work environment and communicate that understanding to others where appropriate.          

 Page Clearing is committed to being good stewards of the earth, we strive to carry out our work in such a way as to impact the environment to the least extent possible. Employees must carry out their work in an environmentally responsible manner.


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