Code Of Business Ethics


Health and Safety

Leadership at Page Clearing is committed to providing a clean, safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Employees must comply with all safety policies and directives and must take reasonable precautions to ensure not only their own safety and health, but also that of others affected by their work. Employees are also obligated to report any unsafe conditions to Marc Page, VP/RSO.

Visitors to Page Clearing’s facilities or job site must be escorted by an employee at all times.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists if an employee engages in activities or has any personal interest which might conflict with, or even have the appearance of conflicting with, the interest, obligations or duties of Page Clearing or one of our customers. A conflict of interest may arise due to the following circumstances, access to information, community activities, dealings with competitors, consulting, endorsements, financial interest in another company, giving or receiving gifts or hospitality, other employment, or seeking employment while performing Page Clearing duties.

Employees must avoid having financial interest in entities that could jeopardize their objectivity or create the appearance of impropriety in their dealings on behalf of Page Clearing. If a conflict of interest exists or an employee knows of a conflict of interest existing with another employee, this information must be disclosed immediately.


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