Code Of Business Ethics


Confidentiality and Privacy

Employees may come into contact with privileged information. The employee has the duty to the owners of the information to protect the confidentiality of all such information.

All appropriate effort should be made to enforce security measures to protect Page Clearing’s confidential information and personal employee information.


Page Clearing highly values courtesy, honesty, diversity, tolerance, equality and dignity. All employees have the right to feel safe and comfortable in their place of work. Employees must behave respectfully and professionally in all interactions with colleagues, suppliers, customers or the public at large. Discriminatory, offensive, intimidating, humiliating and otherwise disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Protection of Assets

Employees are provided access to Page Clearing assets for the purpose of performing work-related activities. Page Clearing name assets will not be used for anything other than legitimate Page Clearing business. Employees are expected to take good care of Page Clearing assets in their possession and will take reasonable actions to protect these assets from damage, loss, misuse or theft.


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